Dither me up, Scotty!

To make a great game you need great tools, and I have been working on a dithering algorithm for quite a while. I have just programmed an image converter that attempts to select the best 16-colors palette for an image. It uses both solid and checkered colors, with constraints on which colors can be paired.

How does it work? I expand the 64-colors EGA palette to (64×65)/2=2080 virtual colors. Each virtual color is represented either by a solid color or by 2 checkered colors. The resolution doesn’t change (it is not divided by two), it’s like painting a picture using a magic checkered paintbrush. ThenI count the virtual colors in the image, build histograms, and keep the 16 most useful “pure EGA” colors (a checkered color has 0.5 of each color, a solid color has 1.0). It works surprisingly well. The palette selection, checkerboard dithering and RLE encoding worked without a hitch.

These tools will be useful to build background images and splash/menu screens.

So the image below is a pure 320×225 16-colors RGB image displayed on my own Coco3. No video tricks.



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