Rebooting the project

So after a pause of roughly 1 year, I’m back at my platform game development with better algorithms, better ASM code and some ideas. Here’s a screenshot of the current prototype in the VCC emulator. Imagine the background being slowly animated and add a few baddies on the screen. Next project update, maybe? All graphics are 100% original.


This is the background/static layer. Things, Enemies and Projectiles will be defined on the dynamic layer. I might add a foreground layer so that moving things will circulate behind it. Current estimate for this graphics pack: 32 background tiles, 32 items, 6 animated enemies (each with 4 frames total), 1 character (with 11 frames).

Here are prototypes for some of the enemies. I might change the palette again, though! I didn’t like the cyan tones in the original palette (in the picture above) so I’ve replaced them with water/sky blue tones.


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